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Water is central to all aspects of life, wherever in the world you are. Some people enjoy plenty of it, some people have to count every drop. In whatever way, availability and access to the “blue gold” is crucial for human development.


To celebrate the value of water, between 4 March and 7th April 2013 we ran a whole Water in the World Month, during which we highlighted “water” from a variety of angles, dedicating each of 5 weeks to a different issue: Women and Water, Anti-Plastic Bottle, Water Cooperation and Small Scale Farming, Water and Land Grab and Water Consumption.


Feel free to browse among all topics – we believe you will find lots of interesting information, stories from the people we work with, blogs from our Development workers and guest experts as well as other materials.


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Progressio Ireland’s water campaign


Water is an incredibly important issue but unfortunately, this is often not sufficiently recognised – neither by international leaders, nor by national policy makers. That’s why Progressio’s  “Waterproof Development” campaign fights for the equitable and sustainable management of global water resources, with a specific focus on poor and vulnerable groups.


With this campaign, we aim to address the unsustainable and unjust patterns of consumption, management and production in relation to water, to ensure equitable and fair access to water resources for everybody.


The campaign is running from 2012 – 2014 and focuses on different events and activities during this 3 year period.

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